Perugia 1416

The most spectacular event of the event is also one of the challenges that the districts face for the award of the Palio. However, anyone who wishes to participate can participate in the parade, respecting the stylistic standards set by the regulation.

The historic Parade, climax of Perugia 1416, celebrates the entering of Braccio Fortebraccio da Montone in Perugia, This has, centuries ago, symbolized the passing from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance and the startig of the potentate – lordship de facto of Braccio on the city. Remembering him, but even more re-living him, means to recover the ancient unity between the city, the districts and the countyside, enliven our roots, feel part of a tale arrivig a tour days. Abosute protagonists the five Districts, each represented in all its various aspects and people: nobles, magistrates, middle class representatives and craftsmen, lower classes and peasants..

This year was the Magnificent Rione di Porta Sole to win the Perugia 1416 Palio (2018 edition). The winner's medal was made by skilled jewelers Belia, you can admire a reproduction of this beautiful medallion at Belia jewelry.